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Loaf Design, personal playground of Rob Campbell, a freelance multimedia & graphic designer based in Scotland.

My portfolio features a selection of self-initiated design projects along with work undertaken while employed by various agencies, for a range of clients within the social media, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and public sectors. To those who don’t know me I have been summed up as a dog loving, crap guitar playing, fat beardy bloke and all round nice guy. I hope you like my shit.



Websites or applications rich with detail and personality can help you stand out online and in today’s competitive market we fight for attention span… wait, where are you going?



Print is dead… long live print! You can look, touch and for those inclined, even smell it… which goes to show that only at the end do you realise the power of the Dark Side!



Multimedia is the army knife of the design world with a little bit of everything in there. As a lover of all things Swiss (especially Toblerones) its rather apt.

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