The Dance


Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get

Warren Buffett
The Dance

I was presented with the statement, “design is just fkn rubbish anyway” when working at a former agency by someone who was querying the cost and time allocated to a job that hadn’t even been started in a bid to get a discount.

Sometimes I couldn’t agree more but that’s also down to its execution… but on the other hand, I also would never demand a butcher to deliver a steak for the price of a sausage. Talent is nothing without effort and this takes time and dedication. It also takes a deep understanding of not only the tools of our trade but the social and economic impact of what we can bring to the table for a business.

My advice would be before you want to question someone about cost and devalue what designers and other creatives do because you are trying to get it cheaper, please take a moment and have a think about how much does your reputation cost you.

The Dance
The Dance
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Cinema 4D
After Effects

Either way, I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad idea – it’s just how you approach it. For example, let’s take two words into Cinema4D and break them apart and then add some deformers. Then we can add a splash of colour, a wee bit of spice, do some more tweaks and when the mix is right put on our dancing shoes and have a bit of fun in After Effects.

Byte me indeed. Can you pass the sauce please?