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Event registration

An online delegate management and registration website can include everything from invitations and communications to post-event evaluations, have the ability to sell tickets and also allows stakeholders involved in the event ‘24 / 7’ access to all relevant information and project documentation.

Websites can be branded specifically for clients’ events, whilst still adhering to their brand guidelines. The system enables e-mail invitations to be sent to delegates, allows their individual registration capturing any required data such as details of dietary requirements, travel details, arrival times etc.

Each event registration website can be tailor made to suit the type of event and the required criteria for the registration content manager. The overall purpose of the site is delegate registration and is a useful source of information for those attending the event, which in today’s digital generation is an extremely effective marketing resource.

They can comfortably manage guests from a single event with a capacity of perhaps 300 guests, to multiple events with a > 20k attendance expectation. They can save your event team a LOT of time and potential headaches, as well as giving delegates and administrators access to information as and when required, pre, during and post event.